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5 Administrative Tasks to Outsource

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As a small business owner, you may not think about the idea of outsourcing very much. But outsourcing can help you spend less time on tasks you dislike or aren't trained for so you can spend more time running your business. 
In fact, you may find outsourcing easier and more local than you realized. Here are five tasks you can outsource to get started.
1. Answer Phones
Are you a slave to your cell phone? Small business owners tend to have to put out all kinds of fires — everything from talking to potential clients to dealing with cold sales calls. Rather than carrying around your company's main phone line or spending money to hire someone to route calls for you, hire a service to answer incoming calls.
Modern answering services can do much more than just be a backup message-taker. They can personalize scripts, determine the level of urgency, route calls to different company personnel, and prepare messages in a convenient format. 
2. Take Orders
While others handle phone calls, a service can take standard orders over the phone. Many service requests, appointment inquiries, and actual orders involve completing a set amount of customer or order information.
You don't need to be involved in every order if you outsource the initial contact. Of course, some orders or jobs will be more complex. But even in this circumstance, the process will speed up once the initial work is done. 
3. Balance the Books
Accounting is a big job for every small business person, and many people have training in it. But the good news is that you can hire others to do nearly all the legwork for you.
A bookkeeper does day-to-day accounting tasks like entering invoices, recording invoices, paying bills, and calling delinquent customers. And you don't have to hire your own bookkeeper if you don't have enough work for a full-time employee. Hire a service that provides the work on a regular basis.
In addition to a bookkeeper, you should also work with a Certified Public Accountant to review big picture items, such as quarterly financial statements, lending documentation, and annual audits. A tax preparer is the third part of your outsourced financial team. 
4. Manage Your Emails
Email is easy to hire out to a virtual assistant. Anyone working from any location can manage your email inbox for you, and customers won't even know that you're not the one doing the work.
In addition to organizing things and making sure you only have to deal with relevant emails, someone else can also respond to simple requests, reroute emails to other individuals within the company, and make sure things are being properly archived. 
5. Operate a Web Presence
An internet presence is key to most modern businesses' survival. But if you're not a tech wizard, you may not even know where to start for an effective web campaign. So hire a professional to do the work for you. Look for someone who can operate your company's website, blogs, and multiple social media platforms within your industry.
Depending on your business, they may also need to oversee a sales platform online or run a virtual store. That frees you up to handle in-person sales and advertising. 
Are there aspects of your small business operation that you don't enjoy or don't excel at? Chances are you can get them outsourced. To begin your road to getting virtual business assistance, talk to the business experts at Professional Answering Service today about outsourcing a few tasks. We'll work with you to make your business run smoother and your life run with less stress.