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How an Answering Service Can Help Grow Your Handyman Business

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If you run a handyman service, then your customers probably contact you mostly via phone. Since it is difficult to handle all such calls in-house, why not outsource this task to a professional answering service company? Here are some of the benefits you stand to enjoy when you outsource your answering service.

You Free Up Resources for Other Things

As a small business, you probably don't have the resources to have all the manpower you need. Even if you have the resources, they are probably better utilized elsewhere. Hiring a professional answering service helps you free up resources for other critical areas of your business. For example, instead of hiring a staff to handle all your calls, you can use the money to buy the latest equipment and tools your business needs.

You Get the Rest You Deserve

If you try to handle all your clients’ calls alone, you will soon be swamped and unable to cope. In fact, you may eventually have to switch off your phone and rest. After all, you are human and need time to eat, rest, and rejuvenate just like other people. Instead of wearing yourself out, you should engage the services of a professional answering service so that your customers can speak to representative even when you are not at the end of the call.

Your Customers Can Reach You Any Time of the Day

A professional answering service like Professional Answering Service will give you the option of answering your calls round the clock or only during designated business hours. If you chose the latter option, then your customers will be able to reach your business even when you are sleeping.
This will be a huge advantage to your business because we can take your calls at night and schedule return calls or even appointments for regular office hours. This is a win-win for both your business and your clients because they get the service they need and you don't lose customers even while sleeping.

You Get Professional Contacts for Your Business

A common problem with small businesses is that they normally lack the resources to hire professional employees. Therefore, you may find yourself handing your phone lines to a student looking for summer work, a family member, or anyone else not trained for the job.
Unfortunately, such people may lose your customers due to their unprofessionalism (such as being rude to customers). You will not have any problems like that when you contract a professional answering company because only professionals will be manning all your lines.

Your Customers Can Reach You During a Disaster

As a handyman, you will get a lot of work if a disaster strikes your areas of operations. For example, a serious storm may leave home owners clamoring for your attention when they need their homes cleaned, their appliances fixed, or their windows temporarily boarded up. Dealing with all those calls through a single phone contact can be hectic, and you will definitely lose some of the customers. Fortunately, professional services have adequate resources to handle calls of that magnitude, and they will help you answer the phones and schedule the appointments so that you don't lose any client.

You Still Get Emergency Calls

If you have never used professional services before, then you may think that handing over your phone answering services to us will prevent you from talking to customers who require emergency service. After all, any professional wants to be personally on top of things whenever there is an emergency.
Professional services often understand the need for a personal touch; therefore, you will have the option to route emergency calls to you so that you can respond appropriately and instantly if you so wish.
These are just a few examples of how we can help your handyman business grow. Why don't you give us a call at Professional Answering Service today for further discussions on how we can be of help to you?