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Legal Answering Services

Advanced Screening Methods and Scripting to Help Attorneys Get the Right Calls to the Right Personnel, at the Right Time.

With our legal clients, there are a few areas of concern. When it comes to after-hours calls, do they want to be notified of a potential new client, or only for existing clients calling? Or if someone is calling in regards to an appointment that they have tomorrow, do they want us to put that through to them or do they want us to wait until the next day.
For calls that come in during hours, there can also be different sets of instructions. Let’s say our client is headed into court to meet a client there in an hour and the client calls in saying he can’t be there, are we to take a message and email it or do you want us to put it through to your cell phone right away? There are different levels of screening and customized scalability for attorneys as well.

The Ability to Accept Incoming Collect Calls from Inmates at Detention Facilities.

This is as simple as the operator being able to say yes or no to a collect call. Of course, defense attorneys are definitely more likely to want to accept collect calls and we have the ability to do that for them, because they could be getting a new client calling in from jail or a detention center.
We can accept the collect call and gather the information that our clients need. We can either connect them to an on call attorney or gather their information , what facility they are at, what they’re being charged with, their personal information. All of the necessary information so that the attorney can then make their inquiries and get everything started.