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What is Scripting?

When thinking about scripting it’s important to remember that it affects many aspects of each call. Not only do you want our operator to gather all the information you require for your call, but you also want to do it in a way that allows the operator and the caller to flow smoothly through the call.
Also, the operator when working with a good script will be able to better control the call. Call control is important; this keeps the conversations brief, efficient and professional.

This will improve the operator’s productivity but will also help to control the cost for the client. When it comes to the information we gather, the first thing to look at is getting the information that is going to be needed for you to make your return call.
For basic message taking this normally includes the caller’s name, company name, return phone number and reason for the call. For service calls this could include address, equipment information and so on. We can gather everything you need, it is a matter of laying the questions out to insure the call flows smoothly.